The Plan Comparison Tool lets you select the plan that is suited to you by comparing how much it might cost your family annually for health care based on each of the plans available to you.

The data you enter is not recorded and will be discarded after you click the Exit button that is at the bottom of each page or when you close your browser window.

To get started, you will need to enter some basic information about yourself and your dependents. Then, by combining the plan attributes and typical usage of health care services for a family similar to yours, the tool can provide an estimate of your total annual health care costs (including doctor visits and treatment) for each plan. For greater accuracy, you can also enter your own estimate of your family's use of health care services and the tool will recalculate the totals based on your specific information. You may want to have your previous year's explanation of benefits and medical bills handy to help you calculate this information.

Once you choose a plan, you can print the plan details and cost estimates for your records. Please remember that these figures are only estimates and your actual costs may vary based on your individual health care needs.

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